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June Pod : The leer of the limerick

Our own Bill Pyne will talk us through how the limerick came into being, its own unique style and why is it so popular and so naughty. We all know at least one and Bill hopes that you will come along and share it with the group – we want rude and witty, but not […]

Our own Glennys Leary is recognised for upcoming exhibition

Glennis Leary is a very busy and active in her chosen post-retirement career as a tapestry weaver.  Having retired from a career in teaching she then completed a 6 year course in the fine art,  she is now running a course in tapestry weaving with U3A Kyneton.  In her spare time (!) she gets the […]

Great new computer courses in May and June

Our new U3A computer system (UMAS) has created some confusion for some members so we have developed a couple of specialised training programs with you in mind. The UMAS made easy course is designed for those who are experiencing problems in getting into their file, joining a course, finding information about courses, whatever! then this […]