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The film club meets every two weeks to view mostly classic movies as well as more contemporary interesting movies.

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Propaganda Class

Stephen Carisbrooke’s propaganda class. Stephen in action with an enraptured audience.



Malmsbury via Metcalfe Road 24th May

Six of us rode to Malmsbury via Metcalfe Road and back via Lauriston Reservoir Road.
Great Autumn day 🍂 Ride
Coffee ☕ at Malmsbury Bakery in the Courtyard
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Malmsbury Bakehouse 7th June Ride

After much discussion we decided to ride on this cold 😰 unpredictable Day
One minute rain then sun and cold but the three of us were glad we rode today.
We soon warmed up, we felt invigorated by being out there.
To Malmsbury Bakery for Coffee
Hasn’t stopped raining in Kyneton since Friday!

Coliban Reservoir Ride 14th June

Five of us headed out for a bike ride at 10.30am. Cold & Wintery but no rain.

Short ride led by Mary, to Coliban Reservoir via Springhill Road & back again via Harpers Lane.

Around 20kms

Coffee at the Social Foundry Cafe

Enjoyable Ride.

Mowbrays Loop Tuesday 21st June 2022

Three of us did the Mowbrays Loop
After heavy rain during the night it was nice to be able to ride on this Wintery day.
We headed for Pipers Creek Road, up Batters Lane, down Cobb & Co. Lane into Three Chain Road
Road into Browbray, and back via Anderson Road, up Chasers Lane and home.
Around 35kms
Coffee at the Social Foundry.
U3A term finishes this Friday 24th June, and resumes again on the 11th July.
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Malmsbury Bike ride for the 19th July

5 of us rode out today to Malmsbury, always a great ride, especially with such cold wintery  weather .

Went via Metcalfe Road, and back via Lauriston Reservoir Road.

Of course Coffee at the Bakehouse!

Turned out a great day for Cycling. 

After 3 weeks of not riding it’s always great to do  one of  our favourite routes

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Our Route to Malmsbury from Kyneton and back again.

Cobb & Co Road 2nd August 2022

Three of us rode down Cobb & Co Rd with a nice Tail wind, and back via Cheveley Road with Gusty Cold 😰
heads winds!
Coffee at the Social Foundry.
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