Movies in 2022

Dead Letter Office

Film           Dead Letter Office

Director     John Ruane

Runtime     1.35min


Alice’s father left when she was a child. She continued to share her life with him in letters that she sent not realising that he never received them. Eventually, they all come back with “Dead Letter Office” stamped on the front. As an adult, she becomes consumed with a desire to find him and takes a job with the Dead Letter Office, convinced that she can use them to fulfill her romantic notions of a reunion with her father. What awaits her at the DLO is far more than that …

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Miller’s Crossing

Movie  Miller’s Crossing  (1990)

Directors The Coen Brothers

Rated M Frequent Violence


Tom Regan is an advisor to Leo, a crime boss in an unnamed Prohibition-era town. When Leo and rival boss Johnny Caspar feud over a bookie who’s been cheating Caspar, Tom tries to keep the peace. Instead he finds himself caught in the middle of a war of ambushes and shifting allegiances where nothing is ever quite what it seems.

This is one of the Coen Brothers early works and one of their best 

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Marnie 1964

The Movie Marnie (1964), Director Alfred Hitchcock.

Starring Tippi Hedren, whom Hitchcock introduced in The Birds, returns in a particularly demanding role and Sean Connery, makes his American film bow, as the two principal protagonists in this adaptation of Winston Graham’s best-seller.  The complicated story line offers Hedren as a sexy femme who takes office jobs, then absconds with as much cash as she can find in the safe, changing the colour of her tresses and obtaining new employment for similar purposes. The Plot becomes objective when she is recognized by her new employer, book publisher Connery, as the girl who stole $10,000 from a business associate, and rather than turn her in, marries her! That’s merely the beginning, and balance of unnfoldment dwells on husband’s efforts to ferret out the mystery on why she recoils from the touch of any man. “himself included” and why terrors seem to overcome her.

Enjoy the movie.