Film List 2020

Suggested Titles some may change due to availability

Hitchcock                                Rear Window

                                                The Wrong Man


                                                I Confess

Orson Wells                            Citizen Kane

                                                 F. For Fake

                                                The Stranger

                                                The Trial

John Huston                           The Maltese Falcon

                                                 African Queen

                                                Fat City

Clint Eastwood                      The Good the Bad and the Ugly

                                                 Gran Torino

Ridley Scott                            Alien

                                                Blade Runner

Cohn Brothers                        Blood Simple

                                                Bartons Fink


Rossellini                                Rome-Open City

Viconti                                   Ossessione (postman always rings twice)

Billy Wilder                             Sunset Boulevard

                                                 Double Indemnity

Robert Bresson                       Diary of a Country Priest

Werner Herzog                       The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

                                                The Ballard of Bruno

John Cassavetes                     Gloria