Great new computer courses in May and June

Our new U3A computer system (UMAS) has created some confusion for some members so we have developed a couple of specialised training programs with you in mind.

The UMAS made easy course is designed for those who are experiencing problems in getting into their file, joining a course, finding information about courses, whatever! then this beginners program is designed with you in mind.  It’s in the small training room of KCLC, with John and Roni Taubman mentoring a small group (8) so there’s lot’s of individual attention

The UMAS for tutors is designed only for tutors and will shoe them how to email their members, print off attendance sheets as well as handling the basics of the system – you will get the very best out of extra buttons and knobs that tutors have access to.  The course has been developed by that dynamic Taubman duo who will carefully show you how to get the best of this new system

Enrolments are open now, just choose your date.  No fee is involved, but please check your diary before you sign up