Photo Gallery

Week 2 of the International Folk Dancing Group. It’s a way to keep warm in winter!

Most interesting talk on the History of Woodend by John Shaw. Very well attended! FridayU3A 21/5/21

International Folk Dancing is fun, energetic and very social!

Our tutor Sarah showing us some steps.

Sarah at Folk Dancing April 2021

Apparently Poetry is fun!

“Gales of laughter coming from the poetry group. May 2021”


Talk by John Taubman at FridayU3A about the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala that sunk off Bali on 7th May 2021.

The first aid course attended by Committee and Tutors from U3AKyneton

The First Australians Class visit to Yelka Park at Carlsruhe.

Short history of Yelka Park.

An avid group of learners!

Participants reading about Yelka Park from the information board.

Marker of graves information.

Map of the Kulin Nation and the clans that were in our area around Kyneton.

Local Fishing information.

Local Hunting information.
Learning about the history of the graves.

Photos from “Less whip More wit” from Friday@u3a.