Presentations at Friday@U3A

This is a small showcase of the Athol Guy presentation on Friday 22nd of April.

Athol gave us a lovely insight to the History of the Seekers in this short presentation. He showed clips of the Seekers Shows and liberally sprinkled anecdotes of his experiences with the the band.

The audience loved this! He showed many of their hits, both from the orginal times and in the comeback tour later on.

Athol told us of his current philanthropic ventures one of which is an Alzheimers and Carers centre in Woodend. He has his book of his life with the Seekers on, revenue from which goes to this charity.

Here are some photos of the day. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

These are the references that Paul Marson spoke about at Friday@U3A on 5th November. His talk about AUKUS and the Chinese response.

Raby, Geoff (2020) China’s Grand Strategy and Australia’s Future in the New Global Order, MUP

Pillsbury, Michael (2016) The Hundred Year Marathon, China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, St. Martin’s Griffin

Hartcher, Peter () Red Zone, China’s Challenge and Australia’s Future,  (I have passed this book on and haven’t got date and publisher to hand)

Covid Vaccine Talk, Friday@u3a 13th February. There are two pages from the handouts. Vaccination Rollout Strategy and Risks and Hospitalizations.

Below refers to the first talk given by Paul in early 2021.

China Talk: The Slide Show of the talk about China by Paul Marson is available here. It takes a while to open as your Powerpoint program must be initiated. Patience needed!