U3A Kyneton and Corona virus


COVID-19  remains a serious, issue with February 2023 data showing “22,177 cases of COVID-19  reported across Australia, an average of 3,168 cases per day.” It should be noted that the case number trend is at present ‘downwards’.


15th March 2023

COVID-19 is still very much around and a fifth vaccination booster is being recommended for seniors.   Those with special needs should consult their physician.

As 2022 came to an end, the statistics provide evidence that the ‘virus’ remains very active in our community.  The U3A demographic dictates that we must be alert to the risks – specifically to those with existing medical conditions – and take care to reduce those risks as much as possible.

The links below have the latest advice:

“ATAGI recommends a 2023 COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for [those identified] if their last COVID-19 vaccine dose or confirmed infection (whichever is the most recent) was 6 months ago or longer, and regardless of the number of prior doses received,” 

Link to ATAGI website is here: ATAGI updates COVID-19 booster advice for 2023 – COTA Victoria