We are looking for tutors and speakers to participate in our 2019 program

We are now planning ahead for next year’s courses, pods, and one-off speakers for our Friday meetings and we are now asking you to consider your involvement.  The success of every U3A relies very much upon what members (and in this case OUR members) can contribute and share with each other and so we are now asking you to talk to us about what you think you can offer to others in our group.
To reduce any fear factor the structure that we have set out below a broad scope of what is available for you to consider – so before pressing the ‘not me’ button please read through the outlines set out and see if and where you might best fit and contribute.

Short Courses
An extended journey or conversation usually 4-6 weeks in duration and involve 60 minutes of instruction at each weekly session, coordinating an exchange of views in a structured forum or formal ‘lecturing’

Presenting a 60 minute session on a topic which has a more academic bent on a specialised topic

40 minute session about your special interest which you are confident and interested enough to share with others

Long courses
Establishing and then leading a group of similar minded members in your area of interest throughout the year.  These groups usually meet weekly, each fortnight or once a month (it’s entirely up to you) and your role is to act as a tutor, convenor and administrator to guide the group through the topic and to inspire them on to bigger and brighter things.
The subject matter, the style of presentation is pretty much up to you and we will provide all the structural help we can muster to make sure that your session is professional and informative with minimum stress on your part.

Interested in taking this a step further?
Well the next thing to do is to talk with Rob Hardy who will talk with you to help you determine where and how it all fits in with the program, to work out if a lesson plan is required and establish the objectives to be achieved.   As they say, at this point there is no commitment until you are entirely happy to proceed.  Rob’s phone number is 0488 416419 or email u3akyneton@gmail.com

The timing is important inasmuch as we need to get the details of the first half of the 2019 program set and distributed to our members early in the new-year, so if you are interested, please call now rather than put it off till later.